Android TIPS: 10 Amazing Android TIPS & TRICKS

This are the top 10 most Amazing Android TIPS & TRICKS that you can try right now. This tips & tricks are mostly intended for android but some can be used on iPhone’s. Lets get started.

1. Last Call

Did you know you can dial back the last caller by just hitting the dial button.

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2. Switch Tabs

If you swipe on the address bar when using Google Chrome you can switch between tabs.

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3. QR-stuff

If you run a business and you get annoyed for being asked for the WiFi password over and over again, here is the solution. Go to a website called and enter your WiFi details, this will turn them into a QR code that guests or customers can scan with their smartphone and automatically connect to the WiFi, Pretty cool right.

4. Network Problem

If you ever suffer from signal difficulties, you can turn on airplane mode and then turn it off again your phone will re-connect to the closest cell tower.

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5. Do Not Disturb Mode

Take advantage of do not disturb mode, it helps to block non-agent notifications and you will only see them when you have time not when they demand your attention.

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6. Keyboard Shortcut

Most people when using their phone they’ll probably type their email address several times a day. So it would make sense to setup a keyboard shortcut.For more information on how to set keyboard shortcuts click here.

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7. Fingerprint Scanner

If you happen to have a phone with a fingerprint scanner, you should add your fingerprint at least three times. Not for three different fingers but three different angles of the same finger. The reason is that most scanners have a failure rate of about 3 – 5%. So It’s always a good idea to have multiple angles.

8. Send Anything Anywhere

You can use Send Anywhere (File Transfer) app to send pretty much anything anywhere. You can send photos or videos to your PC or send contacts to a new phone you are setting up. There is no size limit.

9. Bold Text on Whatsapp

By adding an asterisk (*) by  both end, you can send bold text on Whatsapp.

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10. Online Timer

Finally you can start a time by typing ‘Start timer’ on google search. You can also indicate time for example Start timer 5 min 38 sec.

Try out this Tips and Tricks yourself.

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